Services and privileges offer to members

  1. Handing out a certificate, confirming your registration for the year;
  2. The Deontology Code;
  3. Authorization to use the Alliance official receipt for your clientele.  The majority of the insurance companies, which offer a refunded plan, will recognition the consultations’ receipts;
  4. Validation of insurance receipts emitted by the members;
  5. Supports, advises and information;
  6. Contribution receipt for tax purposes;
  7. Authorization to use the APNN (logo).
  8. To have the privileged to use the group insurance for professional responsibility error and omission “bad practice” ($1 000 000.00 to $2 000 000.00 per litigious case). 
  9. To have the privileged to use the self-employed insurance.

Moreover :

You will be ensured of a service from a dynamic team which has been working for almost 25 years  in naturopathy and alternative medicine.  You will be able to use the team expertise that will allow you to:

  1. Receive advises about the continuing education and professional supervision;
  2. Obtain quality references concerning the profession;
  3. Profit from a personalized evaluation of your academic file upon request;
  4. To create professional relationship with other experts;
  5. To be heard upon any request allowing every member to receive a better service;
  6. Benefit from services reserved only to professionals groups.